His Journey

Amar Choudhury began his career as a spoken English teacher in 2004, at a salary of Rs. 4000 and later, in 2007, he established his own institute, the British Academy, to help students with his knowledge. During his teaching career, he realised his innate ability to motivate and encourage people through his lectures.

In 2012, he performed at his first open motivational event
at Pritamlal Dua Auditorium in Indore. From here he started his journey as amotivational speaker and there was no turning back.

In 2013, he began his professional training for businesses. In 2015, he became a full-fledged motivational speaker and joined an association of trainers – The Trainers Camp (TTC). In this camp, he got his first big gig. He met about 40 to 45 corporate trainers from different industries. He is also one of its founder members.

All the members of TTC organised a camp in Delhi for cross learning. This gave him the much needed experience in corporate learning and boosted his career as a motivational speaker. He now started attracting people’s attention and became a household name among corporate motivational speakers.

Till date, he has addressed around 2 lakh people through his teachings and speeches. You can reach him through his live sessions, YouTube videos and short films.

He is also an author who has penned down a book titled as ‘Born Again’- क्यूकी जीने का मतलब सिर्फ सासं लेना नही होता.

In his book, Choudhury mainly tries to make people realise their hidden potential and motivate them to take action.

His inspiration to be a motivational speaker - in his words

When I was a teacher teaching English to my students, they often said that we not only learn English from you, but we are also influenced by your lectures. At that time, I realised that my students not only wanted to learn English from me, but also a life motto of mine that motivated them immensely. This inspired me to become a motivational speaker.

His trademark:

His Words

I have received many compliments from my audiences. But the nicest compliment I ever received was when some of my listeners said, ‘Sir, you are the Jagjit Singh of training.” This means that Jagjit Singh sang the Ghazal in simple words, and similarly I would simplify all things for my listeners.


Amar Chaudhary is also known as a MotivACtional Speaker because of his inspirational and action-oriented style of speaking and training.

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